Modern Employee Experience for Enterprise Teams

Goodbye information overload.

Hello sanity!

modEx is a license-free enterprise acceleration program designed to enrich employee experiences by introducing context, simplicity, personalization and hyper-automation.

Freedom from
repeatable tasks

Imagine your talent rising above the mundane tasks to move your organization forward.

Happier teams.
Invested people.

Spark a sense of belonging and digital chemistry among your people with location-agnostic experience.

From Zero to Zen

in 90 days


Our methods and frameworks are designed to capitalize on the most potent aspects of your enterprise differentiation strategy.


Our employee experience components will transform the dated intranet into a sleek, intuitive, and hyper-personalized digital workplace.


We will bring structure, governance, and integrations to your Microsoft ecosystem and jump start your modern workplace.
During the 3-month program, we will partner with your teams to build a flexible employee experience worthy of your vision, values, and aspirations for the decade ahead.


your investments in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft Viva
Microsoft M365
Power Platform

The Program

modEx is a journey of evolution to meet your specific strategic priorities. Following components of the program can be tailored to meet your needs.


A super-intelligent experience hub personalized for each employee as their digital workplace.

  • Feeds on the user’s interaction to mature itself
  • Context-aware: Location, device, timing ... and more
  • Integrated with Microsoft 365, MS Teams + Viva

War Rooms

Project hub, meetings, and dialog threads all in one place to serve as the central collaboration space.

  • Create a project / initiative hubs in minutes
  • Converge dialog from internal and external sources
  • Anchored in MS Teams, Sharepoint. Microsoft Viva-ready


Find a needle in a haystack? Use the search or ask the bot. It is configured to answer your every whim.

  • Meta-content architecture for high quality search
  • Bot training for high-demand dialog paths
  • Workflow governance for high searchability


Jump-start configuration, starter apps, and training for Microsoft Power Platform to by-pass or automate repeatable tasks.

  • Jump-start apps for Microsoft Power Platforms
  • Starter kit for power-automate workflows
  • Power Platform governance framework


Full-scale implementation support and adoption planning for

Microsoft Viva - Employee Experience Platform


MS Power Platform

Pursuit of Success

A modern employee experience cannot be achieved using traditional methods.
modEx matures itself as the employees interact with it. We use a framework of rapid iteration cycles to ensure success.
  • Higher Employee Adaption Rate

    As the primary goal, our success framework is geared towards higher employee adoption of the experiences and tools we offer.
  • Higher Content Creation + Consumption

    With an extensive information architecture program, we ensure the right balance between content creation and consumption to eliminate information clutter.
  • Improved Employee Sentiment

    Better experience results in better sentiments of the users — in this case, your own employees. Our KPI framework compliments Microsoft Viva Insights, if available.

See it in Action

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